Church Puts Hilarious Signs On Pews To Encourage Social Distancing

funny church signs on pews social distancing

These funny church signs on pews at Redeemer Presbyterian Church remind folks to social distance. But they have everyone cracking up, too!

In this surreal season in which we're living, we've gotten used to seeing signs everywhere reminding us to wash our hands and keep our distance. But one church decided to have a little fun with their signs, and we're so glad they did! This church put hilarious signs on pews to encourage social distancing, and I for one sure needed this chuckle.

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Let the church choir say, "Amen," and let the laughing begin. One church in New Orleans puts hilarious signs on pews to encourage social distancing.

Honestly, hilarious is an understatement.

Funny Church Signs On Pews For Social Distancing

With nothing more than painter's tape and words typed on paper, Redeemer Presbyterian Church decided to get creative in their social distancing enforcement. They aren't relying on science, they are using scripture to move the masses.

And that seems only fitting in the Lord's house.

One reads, "‘You will find me when you seek me,' just not in this pew. Keep seeking."

Another says, "Jesus sat the 5000 down in rows. But not this one."

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One sign pointed out that even seniority can't land you a seat in a designated pew. It read, "Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born. And if he were here today, he still wouldn't be allowed to sit in this pew."

The signs' author even made fun of the blue painters tape they used to affix the signs to the pews. "Remember when the Lord put a ‘Flaming Sword' at the entrance of the Garden of Eden, so Adam and Eve couldn't go there? ‘Flaming sword' can also be translated as blue tape."

Funny Church Signs On Pews Go Viral

"Father Nathan Monk, a former priest, posted the images onto Facebook, which have since gone viral. He is an author, political activist, and most importantly, a Christian.

He holds the belief that "many of us grew up with the idea that we are to ‘fear God’ and that leaves a mark." But there has been "a slow shift in the Church over the years of allowing good humor in and a softening of approach."

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Churches have been known to include some funny messages on the signs in front of their churches, but the pews, well, that's a different story.

Making every other pew ‘off limits' to sit only makes sense so that people can continue to come together to worship the Lord despite the ongoing pandemic. The virus is a new part of life and it seems it may be here to stay for a little while, but our faith is greater, and it's here to stay for the long run.

The humor not only keeps the attendees safe, but enriches their Sunday experience. I just wonder if they will change out their signs every Sunday.

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Nonetheless, anytime we can laugh and smile, is a moment where we can feel encouraged that life will get better. No matter what you are facing right now, be encouraged.

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