Funny Woman Shares Tips For Folding Fitted Sheet

woman's tips for folding a fitted sheet

When it comes to household chores, one of my least favorite things to do is laundry. I don't mind actually washing clothes, but the process of folding and putting them away is so time-consuming. I find myself putting it off as long as possible, but then I'm left with a huge pile of clothes and hours of work ahead of me. This hilarious woman’s tips for folding a fitted sheet are almost enough to make me forget I don’t like folding laundry. Almost!

Whether you love or hate laundry, I think we can all agree that folding a fitted sheet is a huge and painful task. It seems like you can never get a perfect fold and it's just a ball of fabric that gets shoved in the closet.

Over the years, I've seen a lot of tips and tricks over the Internet about how to neatly fold a fitted sheet, but this tutorial has to be my absolute favorite. Terri Metz is a big personality and she wants to share her hilarious tips with the world. Just watch as she pulls out a freshly washed sheet and begins the process of folding.

At first, I thought this was going to be a serious tutorial, but I quickly learned that Terri has a very unique way of doing her laundry. As she moves on to each step, I found myself laughing louder and louder. And by the time she got to the very last stage, I was rolling in the floor. I think we can all relate to this struggle and sometimes we want to do the exact same thing as Terri. Who else is laughing out loud at this funny lady?

WATCH: Funny Woman’s Tips for Folding a Fitted Sheet


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