Gaither Vocal Band Sings A Beautiful Song At Billy Graham’s Funeral

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Billy Graham leaves a legacy of faith in Jesus Christ. And the Gaither Vocal Band wanted to honor him by singing at his funeral service.

He had a global ministry that changed the lives of so many people, young and old. And so many people that were changed by his ministry were at his funeral service. Even though the faith community grieves that a strong pillar of our faith has left this Earth, we rejoice in the fact that he is alive in Heaven. And one of the songs that a band sang at his funeral reminded us that he is with our God who lives forever.

The five men are singing the song "Because He Lives". Even though they are grieving the loss of someone who impacted them so greatly, the look on their faces brings so much joy. The joy that they have on their faces shows that they truly believe that the song that they are singing holds so much truth. And it does.

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Jesus lives forever and because of that, we can face whatever the days before us may bring. He is our comforter. And He used these singers to help bring comfort to those who are mourning on that day. Rest in glory, Billy Graham!

WATCH: Gaither Vocal Band Sings At Billy Graham’s Funeral

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