Gardiner Sisters Give Breathtaking Performance Of Christmas Classic ‘Joy To The World’

Gardiner Sisters 'Joy To The World'_GodUpdates

Let your heart rejoice as the Gardiner Sisters wow with their breathtaking performance of ‘Joy To The World’!

The Christian music group the Gardiner Sisters are very well known for their amazing vocal talent. The three young sisters each have amazing voices individually. But, when you put them all together it brings their sound to a whole new level.

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The way they are able to naturally harmonize with each other is absolutely incredible. During this new video, the girls are performing the Christmas classic ‘Joy To The World’.

Gardiner Sisters 'Joy To The World'_GodUpdates


3 Siblings Perform Christmas Classic

One of the sisters strums along on the guitar while the other two sing with her. All three of the girls sing as they sit in front of their beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Hearing three different voices sing this classic really takes the song to a whole new level. These girls truly have a God-given gift for singing. Every time they sing together the tones of their voices become more and more refined.

There is no doubt that these sisters have a huge singing career ahead of them. Some of the notes they are able to hit are very tricky to pull off, but they nail them every time. Their version of ‘Joy To The World’ just might top the classic version we all grew up on.

Listening to them sing the lyrics are a great reminder to remember that Jesus is ultimately the reason for the busy holiday season.

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Joy was truly born on the day Mary gave birth to Jesus. Without this beautiful baby, there wouldn’t be the freedom that we receive each day living on the other side of the cross. What an incredible blessing!

WATCH: Gardiner Sisters Sing ‘Joy To The World’

Credit: Gardiner Sisters