Gas Station In Seattle Goes Viral With Hilarious Messages Posted On Its Sign

A gas station in Seattle, Washington has gone viral due to its funny sign

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. If that truly is the case, a gas station in Seattle, Washington has been supplying people in the area with treatment and therapy for years. That’s because a gas in Seattle has gone viral due to the hilarious messages on its sign.

A good, hearty laugh really does have the ability to totally change your mood. Get a look at something funny and you’re likely to forget why you were upset.

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The Wallingford Sign, located in Seattle, Washington, sits outside a Chevron gas station. If you happen to drive by the sign, you'll likely soon understand why it has become so popular. That's because you'll get a look at one of the many funny and witty sayings that are put up on the sign.

The Funny And Witty Sign Has Amassed Quite a Following on Social Media

According to a Facebook page dedicated to the sign, some of the sayings that have adorned the station's sign have been: "When two vegans argue is it still called a beef?" and "Why do they call it beauty sleep when you wake up looking terrible?"

The sign has amassed an impressive following on Facebook. 50,000 people follow the page and eagerly await the next knee-slapping post from its page administrators.

In addition to the Facebook page, the gas station sign in Seattle, Wa has quite the following on Twitter. Nearly 11,000 Twitter users want to see what the sign will have next. Pictures on its page include the sign with messages such as "Dont give up on your dreams keep sleeping" and "My wife said I never listen to her, or something like that."

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A website about the Wallingford sign explains the origins of the amusing and popular roadside attraction. According to the site, it goes back to October 2005. The sign was used to advertise the repair shop's "service promotions and store specials and the like” before the change, the website states.

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However, when the location changed over from a repair shop to a convenience store, they had to come up with some other use for the sign. That's how and why the hysterical sayings began cropping up.

"A cheerful heart is a good medicine; But a broken spirit drieth the bones." – Proverbs 17:22

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