100 Employees Are Getting Free Groceries For A Month All Thanks To An Amazing Act Of Kindness

getting free groceries

In a surprise act of kindness, more than one hundred employees find themselves getting free groceries as part of their Christmas gift from their company.

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Yonego is a digital marketing company in Breda, Netherlands. As a Christmas gift to their employees, which total over one hundred people, they gave them all free groceries for the month of December.

Joris Toonders, the owner of Yonego, gave all his employees gold envelopes and told them to put all of their grocery receipts from the supermarket in the envelope throughout the month of December. The company would pay for everything that they had purchased in their receipts. And there was no limit given to the employees for the grocery expenses!

100 Employees Getting Free Groceries | Act Of Kindness

“No one knew and it took a while before the penny dropped. There was dead silence for a few seconds. Then people started clapping," shared one of the Yonego employees. "I think I’ve said thank you a thousand times."

The reaction to the generous gift was even a surprise to the boss. “I have never seen a hundred colleagues so quiet together,” said Joris Toonders. “I don’t know what people normally do for groceries and whether they’re going to buy something extra, but I trust my colleagues. You have to trust your colleagues and they have to feel that way, too.”

What an incredible act of kindness! Imagine not having to worry about a single grocery bill for the whole month of December – what a blessing that would be!

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It is great to see this company really stepping up to show appreciation to their employees. What a wonderful way to end the year for this group and to really get the company in the Christmas spirit of giving.

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