3-Year-Old Girl Mistakes White-Haired Police Officer For Santa Clause

Chief Parsons may think his real identity is safe, but a clever 3-year-old girl isn’t fooled. She knows just who this jolly, white-haired police officer really is — Santa!

Police Chief Joe Parson thinks he’s got everyone snowed. But while out to dinner, his uniform didn’t fool this clever 3-year-old. Not for one second. The adorable little girl immediately recognized the jolly white-haired police officer for who he really is — Santa Claus. And she wasn’t afraid to blow his cover wide open!

All the guys at the Milton Police Department in West Virginia decided to participate in a “No shave November” for prostate cancer awareness. That included Chief Parsons. And his full beard had one little girl convinced the role of Police Chief was simply his day job.

This little cutie was sure Chief Parsons hung up his badge once a year so he could go deliver toys to the good little girls and boys. So, she marched right over and let him know just what she wanted this year!

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White-Haired Police Officer Rolls With It

The good-natured Chief Parsons saw no reason to set the record straight. Instead, he decided to “roll with it.” The Milton Police Department shared the amusing case of mistaken identity to their Facebook page:

“When a three year old comes up to you during dinner and thinks you are Santa Claus you roll with it. This beautiful young lady would like a princess Barbie for Christmas. She also now believes Santa is a policeman between Christmases. Wonderful encounter.”

Looks like the Milton Police Department may have found their next detective! 😉

What a precious memory for both Chief Parsons and this little sweetie!


h/t: Facebook / Milton Police Department

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