Just Before Her 48th Surgery, Girl Looks Out Her Hospital Window To See Loved Ones Gathered

girl with spina bifida

Just before her 48th surgery, a girl with spina bifida looks out her hospital window to see her loved ones gathered across the way.

That was the sight Ryan Neighbors was greeted with one Friday before yet another procedure.

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This young girl with spina bifida was blessed to receive the attention her loved ones gave her. After such a long battle with her condition, the love she receives from others has not yet stopped.

At the tender age of eleven, Ryan has had to cope with spina bifida and plenty of time in the hospital.

This time she was at the Norton Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky. Due to coronavirus restrictions, her supporters were not allowed into her room. Thus, they came up with another plan – gather in the ninth floor garage. There Ryan could view them through a window.

Some waved and cheered. Others held up signs of encouragement.

Girl with Spina Bifida Surprised by Loved Ones Before 48th Surgery

One of Ryan's friends had this to share, "Before she goes into surgery she gets to see us and know there’s people behind her who need her to get well and want her to get well to get back on the stage and be Ryan again."

Ryan was born with spina bifida, a condition where her spine did not develop properly as a child. This can lead to any number of non-visible and visible symptoms, including the spinal cord being exposed on the back.

While this was the first time Ryan's people could not be physically present in the room with her, their actions reveal that their support won't stop no matter what.

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Ryan will remain hospitalized for weeks following the surgery, but her loved ones still hope to see her for the holidays.

And God willing, they will.

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