Mom Nursed Her Baby Girl And Grandma Kicked Her Out Of The House

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When a mom nursed her baby girl in the open during a visit to grandma’s house, a family argument followed. Things escalated until grandma kicked her daughter out of the house. And with the story making its way to social media, the feud has sparked loads of debate!

The topic of breastfeeding in public has long been a source of controversy. But one mom opened up on a Facebook page for breastfeeding moms about how the issue has created a rift inside her own family. And the dispute just goes to show how Satan will use any opportunity he can to create division. Emotions can easily cause disagreements to spiral out of control. But through the Word and Jesus’ incredible act of forgiveness, we, too, can find a way to forgive others.

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Mom Nursed Baby At Grandma’s House And Got Kicked Out

The woman was at her mother’s house when the argument broke out. She and her three kids were there for a visit. While they were all having lunch, her infant daughter, who is exclusively breastfed, got hungry.

The woman says she went into the living room in order to get her baby girl to latch, and then returned to eat while her food was still hot. The mom nursed her daughter while finishing her lunch at the table with everyone else.

That’s when she says her own mom got upset, suggesting she cover up with a blanket. Citing the fact that her baby girl gets too sweaty and uncomfortable under a blanket, the mom felt she was covered enough.

From there, things escalated until grandma kicked her out of the house.

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The woman sharing her story provided a photo of what it looked like while she nursed her child, along with the full story of what happened.

Loads of moms shared their experiences with nursing, agreeing from the picture that mom and baby were plenty covered as is. Still, others felt that grandma’s house meant grandma’s rules.

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