Lonely 73-Year-Old Grandma Posts Wanted Ad Seeking A Boyfriend For Christmas

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After watching yet another Hallmark Channel movie, a lonely grandma wanting a boyfriend by Christmas turned to the Internet for help.

Petra Sutherland is a “Hallmark fanatic.” The 73-year-old resident of Charlotte, North Carolina loves plopping down after a long day’s work to watch a nice, wholesome Hallmark movie.

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Petra stays pretty busy with her kids, grandkids and a full-time job as a customer service rep. But recently, a holiday-themed romance flick left this grandma wanting a boyfriend by Christmas and her own “happy ending.”

"They all fall in love and they all have happy endings," she said. "That's what I'm looking for-a happy ending, a fairytale ending."

So, the lonely grandma turned to the Internet for help with her Christmas wish!

Online Ad For Grandma Wanting A Boyfriend By Christmas

Petra knew she wanted to try to meet someone. . . but how?

"There's really no place to go out and meet quality people," she says. "You can't just find someone in a bar. But I haven't really been going out, so I should probably get out there since they're probably not going to come knocking on the door!"

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In some of the movies Petra had seen on Hallmark, the characters found love online. And so, she decided to give it a try.

Petra signed up on NextDoor, a localized social networking website. There, she posted her Christmas wish:

"Wanted A Boyfriend For Christmas! Please send a message. Thank you."

To her surprise, a flood of responses came in from the community, including three potential suitors!

"I would love to have a companion by Christmas, but I'd take one tomorrow if I could find one!" she said, laughing. "I don't know how to go about it, because I was always married, and I probably don't even know how to really date or anything like that."

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Petra is tickled by the interest she’s received so far but says the three suitors are all too young. Still, she’s holding out hope that this Christmas will bring about her very own fairytale ending!

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