Grandma Wins The Lottery And Returns To Store To Honor A Promise She Made To The Clerk

grandma wins the lottery marrion forrest

After a grandma wins the lottery, the kind woman named Marrion Forrest goes back to honor a promise she made the store clerk.

Marrion Forrest is a regular at Duke's Mini Mart in Rancho Mirage, California. In fact, 86-year-old Marrion had been in the store just a few days prior to the visit we see here in the video taken by Marrion's granddaughter.

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Marrion visited Duke's earlier and purchased lottery tickets, as she routinely does. But, during her transaction, she'd made a mistake and needed some help from the cashier that was working. That cashier was Walter, and that's who Marrion has come to see. She's got a bit of business to handle with Walter!

While buying her tickets a few days prior, Walter had been especially helpful to Marrion as she figured out her order. He had also given her a tip, letting her know that the lottery had reached $500,000. Marrion appreciated Walter's kindness so much that she made him a promise. The grandma decided that if she wins the lottery, she’d share any fortune with him.

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“I felt so good walking out of the store because he was gracious and sweet,” Forrest said.

Grandma Wins The Lottery

As it turns out, the grandma does indeed end up winning the lottery! And we see Marrion as she brings Walter the good news. With balloons and an envelope in hand, Marrion approaches the counter where Walter works. The envelope contains his $150 share of the prize money.

As Marrion explains to Walter that the ticket was a winner, Walter laughs heartily, and a couple of other workers clap for the two. Marrion recalls how nice Walter had been to her, and the winners share a hug! It is a very sweet exchange!

Grandmas come in all shapes and sizes, temperaments and types-sassy and spunky, wise and firm, sweet and loving, fun and frisky, and every adjective combination imaginable. Marrion is clearly very youthful and fit for her age; she's given her kids and grandkids great genes. But, more importantly, based on this video alone, Marrion has to be one of the kindest, and most honest, sincere, and humble grannies around! She's earned her granddaughter serious bragging rights!

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"It is better not to make a vow than to make one and not fulfill it." Ecclesiastes 5:5

WATCH: Grandma Wins The Lottery & Splits It With Store Clerk

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