Man Meets Great-Great-Granddaughter And Then Days Later, He’s Gone

meets great great granddaughter

Just days before leaving this world, this man meets his great-great-granddaughter, Cadance, for the first time. Thank goodness this precious moment was caught on camera!

There's just something special about great grandparents and babies don't you think? In this video, the family who was recently blessed with the birth of a baby girl they named Cadance gets to meet and be held by her great, great, grandfather.

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In a matter of seconds, this video sums up our life journey–as one person is on the threshold of leaving this world, while another has her whole life before her.

Man Meets Great-Great-Granddaughter

Cadance's parents really wanted her to get to know her precious great, great-grandfather. They knew his time on this earth was short. And they wanted to record a video where he meets his great-great-granddaughter so she could have it in the years to come.

Under the video, her parents wrote that he had finally awakened after being asleep for quite some time. They added, "First time she has met him. He woke up and wanted her to sit with him. It was so precious. We may not have him much longer and I want her to have something to remember him by."

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This video of when this man meets his great-great-granddaughter is so special. It is absolutely precious as baby Cadance rests in his arms and looks up in admiration at her great-great-grandad. In fact, it is so sweet, the video went viral with over 8,116,972 views!

Hearts melted and viewers gushed online, one viewer commented, "Heart-melting moment. I could feel tears in my eyes." Another viewer added, "That is so awesome, two angels meeting on earth before one goes back to GOD." While another posted, "What a beautiful. "Ending with a new beginning."

Shortly after this was posted, this precious great-great-granddad stepped over the threshold and into Jesus' arms. We are so thankful for the time he had with Cadance and we hope she will appreciate this video as much as we did.

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"Children's children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children," Proverbs 17:6

WATCH: Man Meets Great-Great-Granddaughter, Then Passes Away

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