Groovin’ Granny Steals The Show With Her Own Dance Moves At A Birthday Party

Jean Hupp may not be the birthday girl, but that does not stop her from stealing the show. This groovin’ granny dances and turned heads when she hit the dance floor at a birthday party held at her assisted living home.

Completely overlooking the choreography, she was eager to bust out in her own dance moves and at one point you see her encourage others to join in. This is surely an example of how music feeds the soul! At first, it appears that Jean is following the steps to the popular routine line dance called, "The Electric Slide".

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Guests at parties, weddings, and live events jump at the sound of its tune. And today, all of the residences are just soaking in the rhythm of the music. You can tell it brought back a youthful reminder to them.

That reminder was, "Hey, I still got it!” And as we can see, all of them are ready to dance the night away, especially Jean. She was a dancer when she was younger, so it just oozed out of her to be in the crowd of dancers. It is such a pleasure to see all of them make a transformation from walking slow, getting up slow and becoming exhausted to becoming a joyful dancing machine as soon as the music plays.

This video displays a future for all of us young and old, where someone may count us out because of our age, as long as we play a rhythm inside, we can move through life with joy, determination and a few dance steps!

WATCH: Groovin’ Granny Dances The Night Away

Credit: Rumble/Carters_News

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