Mom Urges To Check Kid’s Feet For Hair Around Toe After Her Baby’s Terrifying Hospital Trip

hair around toe

Hair around a toe may not sound like a big deal. But, in fact, it can have dire consequences, especially for babies. And following her infant son’s surgery, Olivia Quinn is urging parents everywhere to keep a close eye on their children’s fingers and toes!

One night, as new mom Olivia Quinn from Australia prepared her 2-month-old son Harvey for his bath, she noticed something not quite right. Upon closer inspection, she found a hair around his toe.

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To some, this may not sound like a big deal. But it’s actually quite serious. Hair can wind itself so tightly around a toe (or finger) that it begins acting like a tourniquet, cutting off circulation.

“I didn’t even notice, I didn’t even see this until I changed him,” Olivia said in a more detailed explanation of the ordeal on TikTok.

At first, Olivia tried using scissors to remove the hair. But it wasn’t working and the mindful mom didn’t want to risk doing anything to injure her baby boy further. So, she bundled little Harvey up and headed to the hospital.

Hair Around Toe Leads To Surgery

After several hours of waiting and a transfer to another facility, hospital staff initially told the mom she could take Harvey home. They couldn’t see the hair and assumed it must have fallen off.

However, Olivia knew something wasn’t right. Thankfully, she trusted her mother’s instincts and insisted a doctor take a closer look.

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As it turns out, the hair on baby Harvey’s toe had cut into his skin. Then, new skin grew over top, concealing the tiny but serious threat.

The surgeon rushed the baby boy into surgery so they could remove the hair. He also wanted to explore deeper to be sure they’d removed all of it.

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The doctor later told Harvey’s mom that if even a small amount of hair remained around the toe, it would have continued cutting through the tissue until amputation would have become the only treatment option.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success. Little Harvey is back home and doing just fine. His recovery went smoothly and a nearly undetectable scar is the only lingering effect.

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After the terrifying ordeal, Olivia Quinn took to TikTok to warn others. She urged parents everywhere to "always inspect your baby's fingers and toes!"

Like so many others, the mom had never heard of anything like this until she went through it, so this kind of inspection wasn’t something she regularly did.

“He showed me no signs of being in pain so I didn’t think to check all these tiny things,” she explained.

Praise God that this sweet baby boy is ok. And kudos to Olivia for using her own terrifying experience as a way to spare other families from going through it.

Please be sure to share this story with others as an important reminder to carefully check for hair wrapped around a baby’s toe or finger!

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