Hairless Cat With No Eyes Named Jasper Is Amazing Everyone With His Story

hairless cat with no eyes

Jasper is a precious hairless cat with no eyes that lives in Maine with his owner, Kelli. Jasper has gained a lot of attention on social media, due to his unique appearance.

Jasper can be seen posing in cute little shirts. He has 77,000 followers on Instagram! Kelli shared, "I got him 11 years ago in December."

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She then went on to say, “He was a Christmas gift. Some friends of mine always knew I wanted a hairless cat and got him as a rescue for cheap. At the time, we thought he was healthy.”

Kelli reported that Jasper would occasionally get a flare up in what they called, "the feline herpe virus" but otherwise he was fine.

Hairless Cat With No Eyes Gains Social Media Attention

Things took a turn for the worst in 2013 when he got his first corneal ulcer. “I rushed him to the emergency vet,” Kelli shared. “He was in pain, and we decided it was time to get him out of pain and remove an eye.”

Five years later, it happened all over again.

Although Jasper lost both eyes, according to Kelli, he has adapted to life quite well. “The first day home from the vet, he was climbing on the couch and on my shoulder and all over the place trying to explore. It was amazing to watch him.”

In 2019 more health problems arose when he had a stroke. That was harder to recover from. But now Jasper is happy and free to wander in a pen when his owner, Kelli isn’t home.

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"Through every step of the way, I made sure I was keeping in touch with my vets and asking, ‘Are we at a point where a quality of life discussion needs to happen?’ As strange as it sounds, he has a good quality of life. He’s a happy cat.”

Jasper continues to live out his life with his family even though his health issues have gotten in the way. He is doing great.

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