Owner of Heavenly Pizza in Ohio Sets Out to Bless Staff and Gives Full Day’s Sales to Them

heavenly pizza in findlay ohio

The owner of Heavenly Pizza in Findlay, Ohio recently did something wonderful for his employees to show his appreciation for them. He ended up taking a full day of sales and giving the total amount to his employees!

Josh Elchert wanted to show how much he valued his workers by paying them extremely well one day. And he was able to do just that by reaching out to the community and splitting up the total amount of money that was brought in one Monday.

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The idea to have an Employee Appreciation Day came to Josh after seeing how hard his employees were working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our employees have been so great during COVID, during the pandemic, during this season of uncertainty,” Josh explained in a Facebook video that he shared online. “They’ve just been fantastic. They show up every day, they’re here in a good mood… we want to take a day and appreciate them.”

Josh then went on to explain how the day would work. "The total in sales is going to get divided up amongst the employees. Heavenly Pizza is not taking in any of the money. It’s all going to my employees. 100% of the sales are going to my employees... every cent, all the tips, all the orders, anything that comes in today is going directly to the employees that work today.”

Heavenly Pizza In Findlay Ohio Gives Full Day Of Sales To Employees

“They’ve worked very hard over the past year and their dedication and loyalty to us is greatly appreciated, so hats off to them,” Josh said. “I applaud my employees, I appreciate and value them and I hope it’s a good day.”

And it was a very successful day! Heavenly Pizza ended up bringing in 220 orders for a total of $6,300 in sales and $1,200 in tips. Divided amongst the staff, each employee made $78 per hour!

“I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It’s a big gift,” Timmy Lemire said, one of the employees at Heavenly Pizza. “That kind of giving nature is why this place runs so well, works so well.”

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What a wonderful way for Josh and the community in Findlay, Ohio to come together to bless the workers at Heavenly Pizza!

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