12 Things A Big Sister Learned From Her Little Sister With Down Syndrome

Sisterly Love

This amazing big sister wanted to share with the world what she has learned from having a little sister with Down Syndrome. So the BuzzFeed user shared these 12 AMAZING lessons with adorable pictures. And every single one is sweeter than the last. Here are the lessons she learned from her little sister.

1. There is such thing as love at first sight.

2. It's OK to be a little weird sometimes.

3. The most unusual of circumstances can have the biggest impact on your life.

4. Whatever obstacles you may face, you CAN overcome.

5. There is so much joy in the little things.

6. There are genuinely good people in this world.

7. Laughter really is the best medicine.

8. Something as simple as kindness makes a difference.

9. You may find your best friend in the most unexpected of places.

10. It doesn't take a big person to make a big difference.

11. There is such a thing as unconditional love and it's BEAUTIFUL.

12. An extra chromosome makes you EXTRA beautiful.

God bless these beautiful sisters and the amazing love they have for each other. It just goes to show that how God makes people different makes them extra special. And I gotta agree, I think that extra chromosome does make a little extra beauty!

Romans 12:9

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Featured Image Credit: Getty Images