Cat’s 3:30AM Wake Up Call Wound Up Saving The Entire Family

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Cat Saved The Entire Family From House Fire

God works in mysterious ways. And for one family of four in Clairmont, Alberta, He sent a furry guardian angel to keep them all safe. A fire broke out while everyone was sound asleep. But the blaze didn’t escape the feline’s watchful eye. And the devoted cat saved the entire family!

It was 3:30am, and mom, dad and their two kids were fast asleep. Little did they know, while they dozed, the entire underside of their mobile home was on fire!

It very well could have spelled disaster for the family. But God had a furry angel keeping watch that night!

Urgent Wake Up Call

The alert kitty sensed his loved ones were in danger. He crept into mom and dad’s room, biting mom on the arm.

The attack did the trick. Once mom and dad were awake and aware of the peril, they had just enough time to call for help, gather up the kids and get out of the home, which was erupting in flames.

"If they hadn't been notified, it could have definitely been a different result," said Trevor Grant, chief of the County of Grande Prairie fire department.

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But thanks to their furry guardian angel, everyone got out okay and there were no injuries!

"[The family] was pretty happy with their cat. The cat woke them up with enough time," fire chief Grant added.

The fire department was able to get the flames under control quickly. While the cause behind the fire is investigated, the family of four will stay with friends. And of course, they’ll have their heroic watch cat in tow!

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