Man Is Renovating His Kitchen When Workers Uncover A 400-Year-Old Piece Of History

mural found in england apartment

One couple learned that a stunning ancient piece of artwork was found in their living space.

Homes come in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Everyone tries to make their living quarters unique to them. They may paint a wall, remove a wall or completely redecorate a room to fit their personality and style.

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A contractor found an ancient painting while working in an apartment. Murals found in the apartment are thought to be nearly 400 years old, according to CNN.

Luke Budworth and Hazel Mooney learned about the discovery during a remodel of the kitchen in their York, England apartment.

One of the contractors working on the project called and told Luke about their findings.

The work is said to be a "Biblical scene in which a man in a cage is pulled along by an angel,” CNN reports.

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Additionally, the mural contained someone riding in a white-colored cart.

Luke arrived back at the apartment too late to see the mural. The contractors had already covered up the mural. The work in the kitchen was complete.

The Murals Found in The Apartment Are Nearly 400 Years Old

Then Luke found the same mural painted on another wall in his apartment.

“We thought maybe it was Victorian wallpaper, but it was way, way beyond how old I thought it was initially,” Luke said.

The book "Emblems," written by poet Francis Quarles, published in 1635, are where the scene depicted in the murals come, CNN reports. The artist created the paintings now in the apartment sometime between 1635 and 1700.

Luke can’t believe the discovery of the ancient works of art in his living quarters.

"Just very excited, a bit like uncovering a treasure, or something like that," Luke told reporter Sangita Lal. "As I eat my toast, I can just see it staring at me. As I work at my desk, it's just above me. It's just surreal."

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What a marvelous finding!

God has endowed humans with many different skills and abilities. It’s great to see those old works preserved.

"But now, O Lord, you are our father; we are the clay, and you our potter; and we all are the work of your hand."Isaiah 64:8

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