A Homeless Man And His Dog Sat Down In Starbucks. What Happened Next Had Me Saying AMEN Thru My Tears!

More than just coffee.

I was in a Starbuck’s recently and witnessed something shocking. A young mother, with her 2 year-old daughter, were in line ahead of me. The little girl, looking at the treats in the window, turned around too quickly and hugged the leg of the woman in front of her mom (instead of her mommy). We’ve all seen kids mistake another adult for their mom and / or dad, so I thought it was cute. But the woman whose leg she accidentally touched went off. Which shocked everyone.

This woman was dressed professionally and yet began to yell at this young mother accusing her of all sorts of bad parenting. I stood there with my mouth open, not quite sure what I was seeing or hearing. This poor young mother began to cry. I stepped forward and offered her a hug and the barista (of all people) reached across the counter and asked if he could hold her hand and PRAY with her right there. HOW COOL WAS THAT!? So, here we 3 stood – holding hands and me with my arms around her – praying. It was awesome! I felt so privileged to be part of that moment.

Here is ANOTHER awesome Starbucks moment shared by Eric on his Facebook page:

While seated at a Starbucks, a homeless man came in and sat nearby. His scent was unpleasant and people looked at him and rolled their eyes. He was simply doing what we were all doing, drinking coffee and taking advantage of free WIFI. He brought his dog, Legacy, who was well behaved.

He proceeded to tell me he walked 60 miles from Seattle to Tumwater over a few day period. He spoke highly of Legacy who in stride, journeyed along with his master every step of the way without complaint. As soon as Legacy was told to lay down, he fell asleep. It was sad to see people distance themselves from this homeless veteran. Kids who inquired about the dog were quickly shielded by their parents and hurried away.

This Veteran explained most people have no concept of being Christ like because they simply place Christ on the shelf as soon as they leave church.

He told me while in Bellevue, WA, 5 well known Seattle Seahawks players walked past him. One of the Seahawks made a rude comment about him being homeless and tried to offer him a $20 bill. The money was declined and that player who claimed to be a Christian was offended. The homeless man told the wealthy Seahawks player that he would not accept money from someone who would belittle him in front of others claiming to be a Christian. Needless to say that player was embarrassed because his friends had witnessed his rude prideful behavior.

Later in the evening, I overhead him telling his dog that they would soon find new shoes to continue their journey. The shoes he was wearing were in poor shape. As I was leaving, I offered him a meal which he gladly accepted. I also knew I had a new pair of boots in my storage unit and I asked him if they fit, would accept them. He said “yes.”

After a short drive, I brought him a new pair of boots. He had the biggest smile and told Legacy that their journey would soon continue. He apologized as he took off his socks because they were dirty and falling apart. I asked him if he had any socks and he said what he was wearing was his only pair. Jokingly, he asked if I had socks with me. I had just done laundry and had some pairs of new clean white socks in my car. I gave him the socks and he switched out his old shoes for the new boots I gave him.

We shook hands and wished each other well. While walking away, I overheard a final conversation between a man and his dog. He simply patted Legacy on the head and said, “I told you God was going to take care of us.”

Isn’t God AWESOME? I love that God will place people in our paths that we can either ignore OR we can engage. And when we engage, God blesses us in ways we cannot see coming. I encourage you step outside of your ‘comfort zone’ and see how God can use you TODAY!! AMEN. 🙂

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook