Man Cuddles With Lioness And Her Cubs

Cute Cub Love

Let me say it again…DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON YOUR OWN. OK – you’ve been properly warned. LOL

Check this out! This guy has proven something rather fantastic about lions and their cubs. He manages to get up close and very personal in their space and his video offers a beautiful inside story to this momma and her cute babies. So super sweet!! It almost appears that this momma lion has accepted this guy as one of her own.

Look at these adorable creatures of God. They are stunning and so cute!!


We are grateful to have certain individuals so gifted with an ability to ‘speak’ to animals this way. How else we would ever see these powerful animals as gentle creatures, yet beautiful and majestic just as God intended. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us! (so cute)

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube