Husband Records An Original Song For His 25th Anniversary With His Daughters

It is his 25th wedding anniversary, and instead of doing the typical thing like getting his wife a dozen roses and taking her out to dinner, he came up with a creative way to celebrate. He and his two daughters hit the recording studio and whipped out their video camera and made a 25-year wedding anniversary music video!

Fawn Callen is in for a special treat from her husband, Rudy. Their 25th wedding anniversary is coming up and Rudy put his musical abilities to work. He wrote an original song all about his 25 years with his wife and it to a groovy tune.

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His daughters were the backup singers on the track. Then the three of them put together a perfect dance choreography and recorded an amazing music video.

Rudy starts off his video jamming out on his guitar, ready to sing about how glad he is to have Fawn "as his honey". The music video was recorded in front of the church they got married at. It is so sweet to watch him and their two daughters dance and slide all across the parking lot.

25 years is really worth the celebration! He knows he is a lucky man! He does a good job of expressing the joy he has to be married to her all of these years.

WATCH: 25-Year Wedding Anniversary Music Video

Credit: Youtube/Rudy Callen

Source: Youtube/Rudy Callen

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