1 In 15 Million Identical Quadruplets Return To Hospital More Than A Year Later

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Bethani and Tim Webb spent a lot of time at the hospital awaiting the birth of their miracle quadruplets. Conceived without the help of fertility drugs, all four girls are identical. The odds of this are one in 15 million. Now, more than a year since their birth, the identical girl quadruplets headed back to the hospital for an incredible reunion with nurses and staff!

After saying “I Do,” Bethani and Tim of Canada began talks of starting a family. Tim thought two kids would be nice.

Bethani was a bit bolder, toying with the idea of four children. Either way, both Tim and Bethani figured they’d build their family one baby at a time. But God had bigger plans!

A Complete Surprise

Just three months after the wedding, Bethani got the incredible news that she was pregnant. The couple was excited, but not at all prepared for what came next. It was the surprise of a lifetime!

A routine ultrasound revealed Bethani was growing four babies, not one! Tim was so surprised, he nearly fainted. Bethani kept thinking the technician had made some kind of mistake. And you can’t really blame them.

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You see, neither Tim nor Bethani have a history of multiples on either side of their families. And the odds of conceiving quadruplets the old fashioned way (without help from fertility drugs) is one in 729,000. But as it turns out, God blessed the couple with something even more special.

Once the babies arrived, doctors looked at their little faces and couldn’t believe it. Bethani had given birth to identical girl quadruplets. The odds of having identical quadruplets are about one in 15 million. Forget winning the lottery — this prize is so much better!

Easy Going

Once the shock wore off, Tim and Bethani began preparing for life as a family of six. Friends, family and the community chipped in, and showered the first-time parents with baby gear, clothes and even funds to purchase a minivan for transportation.

God blessed Bethani with a smooth pregnancy, and she carried the quadruplets all the way to 33 weeks. The identical girl quadruplets arrived via c-section at Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. Each of the girls — Abigail, Emily, Grace and McKayla — was born perfectly healthy.

Between all of the visits, the delivery, and the time the girls spent in the hospital after birth, the Webb family formed a special bond with the nurses and doctors there.

The New Normal

After leaving the hospital, Tim and Bethani adjusted to life as an instantaneous family of six. They moved in with Tim’s mom, so they could divide and conquer on diapers, feedings and loads of laundry.

WATCH: Life With Identical Girl Quadruplets

The community continued supporting the Webb family, too. Each week, volunteers showed up to help care for the girls. Fundraising continued, and random acts of kindness from all over the world surprised the Webbs almost daily. One day at the grocery story, the cashier told Bethani a stranger from Costa Rica had called and covered the cost of seven boxes of diapers for the family!

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The outpouring of love and support truly touched the family. It seemed as if the whole world was in love with the four little miracles! The internet went crazy for the adorable newborn shoot, though it’s easy to see why when you look at the photos.

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Credit: Noelle Mirabella Photography

Before long, Tim and Bethani were old pros at caring for four little ones. The tiny angels transformed into happy, giggly girls in no time! And by the time they were 16 months old, they were ready for a very important trip.

A Heartwarming Reunion

Bethani and Tim got their gaggle of girls all dolled up in matching outfits. But in order to tell them apart, each girl wore different colored earrings — green for Abigail, purple for Emily, red for Grace, and pink for McKayla.

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Credit: CTV News

With the little ladies all ready, the Webbs headed for the hospital. After growing so close to the staff there during Bethani’s pregnancy, the family felt it was important to pay a visit.

"We were here for so long and it just felt like they [the staff] were an extended part of our family," Bethani gushed. "We just had to come back and we wanted to show them the girls."

And the nurses and doctors couldn’t be more pleased to see the identical girl quadruplets!

"We deal with all the pregnancies that are high risk so all we ever want is to have healthy moms and healthy babies," Lorna Clark, a hospital unit manager, said. "So to have this and to see how well they're doing is very exciting."

WATCH: Identical Girl Quadruplets Reunite With Hospital Staff

My heart can barely handle the massive amounts of adorable! You can keep up with these 4 little miracles on their Facebook page, Webb Quadruplets Updates.

h/t: CTV News

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