Woman Who Stayed Joyful Through Tragedy Gets The Surprise Of A Life

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Joyce was a contestant on Ellen's game show. When Ellen got a chance to hear Joyce’s incredible story she was so amazed she had to bring her back.

Joyce has so much going on in her life. She has a lot of challenges, but that does not stop her big heart. She works with an amazing charity that gives help to cancer patients who are going through cancer treatments. They help make cancer treatments more comfortable and give people an understanding shoulder to lean on.

Joyce is very passionate about cancer patients because her husband is a five-year cancer survivor. But for months after she got married, her dad got diagnosed with cancer and died ten weeks later. So, she wants to do all she can to help those who are in a similar situation.

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Her mom also has health challenges. Her mom has Alzheimer's and Joyce is her primary caregiver. She had to make a few difficult decisions to best take care of her mom. Joyce chose to pay for her mother's medical treatments instead of paying for her mortgage. Her family is living in a hotel right now because their house flooded. It really seems like Joyce couldn’t catch a break and many would be focused on all the negative. But, she does not complain and keeps a positive attitude. She is so thankful to have a roof over her head

Joyce does not let any of her challenges stop her. She has a really big heart and she really loves her family. She adopted a little boy a few years ago and will be welcoming his little sister into the family soon! Joyce truly is full of love and joy even when things get tough.

Ellen was so inspired by her story and her life. So, she gifted her with tickets to her show. Shutterfly also gifted her with $25,000 and Ellen matched the amount of the check. Joyce just could not believe it! We should all strive to look for the positive the way Joyce does.

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Credit: Facebook/Ellen DeGeneres

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