All-Female Irish Dance Group Prodijig Perform Stunning Routine To Vivaldi

Irish Dance Group Prodijig

The Irish dance group Prodijig is performing a stunning routine set to the classical works of Vivaldi and it this is top-notch Irish dancing!

In this video, the ladies of the Irish dance group Prodijig are in a beautiful older church with stained glass windows. They are all poised and professional in their dance moves to Winter from Vivaldi's album, Four Seasons.

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They have taken a famous classical song and spiced it up with modern moves. Their legs and feet move in such incredible synchronization, and they even clap along in unison with the music.

Irish Dance Routine To Vivaldi

Their footwork is so fancy and spot-on that it makes anyone want to try to join in and dance. As the camera zooms in on their feet, the level of talent is astonishing. The group keeps you entertained and interested during the entire performance.

They jig, and they move up and down, tapping in rhythm. As one leads the way with one part of the music, the rest of the Irish dance group Prodijig responds with the second part. It is beautiful how these girls put dance to song. It is as if they are telling a story and being visuals of what could actually be occurring in the piece of music.

At the end of the dance, the ladies finish out with a modern twist with claps and stomps. They each hit everything so perfectly and do such a stunning job as a team.

As we have encountered such athleticism and creativity, it propels us to worship God. He is the giver of such talents and the Creator and music and dance. He is glorified greatly through moments like this in the arts community.

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We know that the Lord is the one who deserves the highest praise as we witness His creations using their giftings for His honor.

"I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever." Psalm 145:11

WATCH: Irish Dance Group Prodijig With Routine Set To Vivaldi

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