She Refused To End Her Pregnancy After Terminal Diagnosis And Was Miraculously Healed

jessica hanna pregnant with cancer

Jessica Hanna and her baby defied the odds, and now she's sharing her death-defying story. She refused to end her pregnancy after a terminal diagnosis and received a miraculous healing.

Jessica Hanna couldn't wait to become a mother. Jessica considered children to be one of the greatest gifts God could have ever given her. She was already a mom to three precious kids when she discovered she was pregnant.

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Before getting pregnant with her fourth baby, she noticed a dent on the side of her breast and had it checked by her doctor. It was assumed to be benign, and Jessica celebrated her pregnancy.

She had no idea her faith and pro-life beliefs were about to be tested.

Pregnant Mom Diagnosed With Terminal Cancer

At her 14-week appointment, her doctors handed Jessica Hanna a death sentence. What the doctors assumed was stage one cancer turned out to be stage 4.

While carrying a precious life in her womb, her medical team encouraged her to terminate the pregnancy and save her own life. At that moment, Jessica knew God was calling her to walk through the shadows of doubt and uncertainty while clinging to God's promises. "This was God calling me to something so big," she said. Jessica knew this baby would be different, and she would be walking the walk.

"It was just a journey of, ‘Wow. Now you've talked the talk - the pro-life talk. Now you've become the woman everybody uses in their arguments - what if the woman's life is in danger? And now it's time for me to walk the walk,'" she said.

After every chemotherapy, Jessica Hanna prayer to be her rock in the quicksand of terminal illness. She often went to pray at the tomb of Father Solanus Casey, a saint buried in her hometown.

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The prayer constantly on her lips was to be miraculously healed and to have a healthy baby boy. Throughout her journey, she posted on social media to share her thoughts, prayers, and experiences. She hoped her suffering and experience would inspire someone else who needed it.

"I thought no suffering should ever go to waste. I don't know where God is taking me. Is he going to take me to the path where I need to show people how to die gracefully, with his grace and mercy? Or is he going to show a miracle?" she said.

Jessica Hanna Receives Miracle Healing

Jessica resolved to share her story no matter the outcome. She chose to trust in God and left it all at “the foot of the cross and let Jesus take care of it."

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What happened next stunned the medical community, friends, and family. Jessica Hanna birthed a healthy, beautiful baby boy whom she named Thomas, and her body was healed of cancer! God answered her prayers. What an incredible testimony of grit, grace, and faith.

No matter what you're facing, you can take Jessica's words to heart. "Whether it is an IV poke and you're thinking about the nails being driven in his hands and feet, or if you're having agony waiting upon a scan or test results, think of his agony in the garden," she said.

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"I have seen their ways, but I will heal them. I will guide them and reward them with comfort. And for those who mourn, I will create reason for praise: utter prosperity to those far and near, and I will heal them, says the Lord," Isaiah 57:18-19.

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