Josh Groban ‘Over The Rainbow’ Offers The Temporary Escape We All Need Right Now

Josh Groban Over The Rainbow Shower Songs

Quarantining just got so much better with Josh Groban Over The Rainbow. Take a mental break from the stress of coronavirus as the world-renowned tenor sings about a place where happy little bluebirds fly and dreams come true!

While social distancing, Josh Groban decided to record some “Shower Songs”. And Over The Rainbow is the perfect kick-off for the series!

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This special song was made famous by Judy Garland in the 1939 film Wizard Of Oz. Since that time, this tune has been covered by countless artists and cemented its place in history as one of the best, and most beautiful, songs of all time.

"Somewhere over the rainbow way up high

There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true"

Shower Songs Brings Joy During Dark Time

Today, Josh Groban is hoping that the iconic words from Over The Rainbow will lift spirits around the world as he sings during the quarantine.

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COVID-19 has forced many people to remain in their homes, as well as caused so many feelings of fear and anxiety.

In an effort to put some joy into the world, Josh Groban decided to start twice-weekly song covers called ‘Shower Songs.' And his very first performance of ‘Over The Rainbow' is sure to put a smile on your face.

"Someday I’ll wish upon a star

And wake up where the clouds are far

Behind me

Where troubles melt like lemon drops

Away above the chimney tops

That’s where you’ll find me"

As we all adjust to a new normal, it is wonderful to find comfort in these familiar lyrics. When we come together, we can truly face anything.

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Let us remember that better days are ahead for us all.

WATCH: Josh Groban Somewhere Over The Rainbow — Shower Songs

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