Warning From Veterinarians To Keep Dogs Out Of Toxic Algae Water

toxic algae

After spending some time cooling off in a lake, four women are mourning the loss of their beloved dogs. The dogs died from being exposed to toxic algae in the water.

Ollie, Harper, and Koda all took separate trips with their humans to Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. The dogs spent their time playing in the water and enjoying the sunshine.

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But the happiness was only fleeting as one by one, each furry friend became ill, just hours after their visit to the lake. “I just laid on the ground with him and told him how sorry I was and that I loved him and that I would have never gone if I knew," said Brittany Stanton.

She lost her beloved Ollie to a hidden danger she never saw coming. The culprit was toxic algae found in the body of water called cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae. The toxins are very dangerous in still water and during the hot months of summer.

Dogs Should Avoid Lakes And Ponds Because Of Toxic Algae

Sadly, once an animal is exposed, there is no cure. The deadly algae can also affect humans but it is much less common. As temperatures rise across the nation, veterinarians all over are warning pet owners to keep their animals out of lakes and ponds.

After the incident, signs were posted along Lady Bird Lake, but that's not enough for these grieving women. They are sharing their story in hopes of spreading this important message for other dog owners around the country.

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If you spot anything that looks like algae in the water, your best option is to stay away. The difference could be life or death.

WATCH: Why Your Dogs Should Stay Out Of Lakes And Ponds

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