Man Has Best Reaction To The News That He’s Getting New Lungs

Kevin finding out he is getting new lungs donated to him is the best thing you will see today.

Posted by Barstool Sports on Thursday, December 20, 2018

This man just found out he was getting a set of new lungs and his reaction has the Internet on fire. Kevin D’Agostino was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth and he has been on the transplant list for a long time. So, when his family found out that Kevin was finally getting his new lungs, they decided to capture Kevin's reaction.

It was 3 AM when everyone waltzed into his room and woke up him to say his surgery would be later this morning. Kevin was obviously in shock and when the realization set in, he couldn't hold back the emotion. "I thought I was really low on the list?” he exclaimed as he hugged his mom and dad. Just a few hours later, Kevin was taken to the hospital where he received the surgery that he had been waiting for.

Kevin D'Agostino Has Best Reaction To Getting New Lungs


His brother, Michael, wrote an update on Instagram saying, "Thank you to Dr. Ali and his team at Loyola for their hard work during the 8-hour surgery. We saw Kevin early this morning and he looks great! They said the surgery well went, and we are excited about his recovery. We also want to keep in mind the donor's family, we appreciate their gift and are thinking of them during their time of mourning." Kevin has already been walking around the hospital and the family is so grateful for this amazing gift. What a moment to capture on video and be able to relive time and time again.


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