Kids Helped Elderly Man Get Off The Bus But Don’t Realize A Stranger Is Watching Them

kids helped elderly man

In a sweet video that was shared on social media, three young kids helped an elderly man off a bus and their kind actions got noticed by a stranger.

Richard Allen was the man that spotted the trio of boys helping an elderly gentleman with his walker and bags as he was getting off a bus in Philadelphia. “I was on my phone and I noticed a bus pulled over, and I see a group of kids helping an elderly man,” Richard shared. “I said, ‘Wow, I have to record this.'"

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Richard even gave the young kids some money after witnessing their act of kindness. He was just so moved by their compassion for the older man who needed assistance. And Richard shared the video that he took of the three boys online. He wanted to shine a light on the difference they were making.

“I wanted it to basically get shared to a lot of different kids that actually see this video to want to do better,” he said.

Kids Helped Elderly Man Off Bus, Go Viral After Stranger Hits Record

It is so heartwarming to see these young kids in the video helping the elderly man get safely off the bus. What great character these children have, and I'm sure that older man was grateful to have their help.

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May acts of kindness like this one remind us that we all need to look out for one another and serve our communities in whatever ways we can. God bless these sweet young kids, and may they always have a heart for helping others!

WATCH: Three Kids Help Elderly Man Off Bus

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