Kitten With No Eyes Thrown Out In The Trash But Special Angels Made Sure She Got A 2nd Chance

kitten with no eyes Ilene rescue

Ilene, a sweet kitten with no eyes, was tossed in the trash and left for dead. But thanks to some special angels, Ilene got a second chance, as well as her very own a Christmas miracle!

One rainy day, in Portland, Oregon, a passerby heard cries coming from a pile of trash. And a closer look led to a heartbreaking discovery.

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Wrapped inside a bag and soaked by the cold rain was a tiny kitten with no eyes. She’d been left for dead.

Thankfully, God sent this Good Samaritan the kitty’s way. The kind stranger wrapped little Ilene up in a t-shirt and took her straight to an animal shelter in California.

Special Help For Rescue Kitten Ilene

Even though Ilene had only experienced cruelty so far at the hands of humans, she amazed her rescuers by purring and showing affection right away.

The Oregon Humane Society took in the kitten with no eyes and went straight to work on helping her out.

"When we got the call to help with Ilene, we immediately said ‘yes,'" Mia Heaslet explains. She is a Second Chance Program Manager for the Oregon Humane Society (OHS).

God had led little Ilene to right where she needed to be. Here, she could get the specialized treatment her condition required.

“We are fortunate at OHS to have a great medical team who are well versed in unusual conditions,” Mia went on to say.

After the veterinarian checked the kitten with no eyes out, she cited microphthalmia as the most likely cause behind the kitten’s blindness.

"This condition is usually caused by a congenital defect in cats, but can also be due to trauma or infection," Dr. Maia Titcomb went on to explain.

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Determined to help Ilene, the wonderful medical team at OHS performed surgery to treat the eye area and prevent future infections.

Now, with Ilene healthy and off the streets, the OHS just hoped and prayed they could find her the right home.

Christmas Miracle For Kitten With No Eyes

Despite the rough start for this kitten with no eyes, Ilene’s sweet spirit melted the hearts of everyone at the OHS.

"Not being able to see has not slowed Ilene down a bit," Dr. Maia Titcomb said. "She is a happy, playful kitten."

With Christmas on its way, everyone wanted to see the precious kitty in a loving home before the holidays.

"The resiliency of this tiny kitten and the compassion of the people who saved her are inspiring," the OHS President and CEO, Sharon Harmon, said. "The next step for this special feline is to spend the holidays with a new, loving family."

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And that’s when a Christmas miracle happened!

It turns out, finding a good home for Ilene wouldn’t take long at all! On December 14th, the sweet kitten with no eyes was adopted.

What a wonderful story! And it serves as a powerful reminder of the many wonderful animals in shelters everywhere waiting for the perfect home.

h/t: KOMO News

Featured Image: Portland Society Page