Mom Walks Into Living Room And Comes Face To Face With A Koala In The Christmas Tree

koala in the christmas tree

Australian mom Amanda McCormick could hardly believe her eyes when she found a koala in the Christmas tree. And while the uninvited guest she found “hanging out” may have given her a start, it makes for such a fun, positive news story!

The day after Amanda McCormick put up the artificial Christmas tree inside her home in Australia, she came home to find quite a surprise.

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“I got home from work and the dog made a beeline for the Christmas tree,” the mom recalled.

The first thing Amanda noticed when following her excited dog into the living room was Christmas decorations all over the floor. The next thing she noticed was that there was a koala in the Christmas tree!

“I looked and straight in my face was this beautiful, little gorgeous koala bear,” she said. “I could not believe it, I was in shock. It was right in my face.”

Usually, the family keeps the doors to the house closed and locked. But on this particular day, Amanda’s daughter was staying home. Apparently, she left the door open at some point and a curious koala bear found its way in. And that’s how the artificial Christmas tree ended up with a very real added Christmas ornament in it!

A Christmas Animal Rescue

Though this precious koala in the Christmas tree looked cute and cuddly and appeared to be very much in the Christmas Spirit, Amanda knew she was dealing with a wild animal.

So, she made a phone call to the local authorities. The only problem was, they thought it was a prank call!

Once the rescue hotline realized Amanda was not joking around, they came out to the house. But Amanda’s uninvited visitor seemed in no hurry to leave.

“She didn’t want to leave actually,” Amanda explained. “They had a bit of a fight trying to get her off the tree. I think she was quite comfortable.”

The rescue organization safely moved the koala bear from the artificial Christmas tree to a proper tree outside the home.

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Now, Amanda McCormick and her family will certainly be more careful about keeping the door closed in the future. But they will also have the memory of their very own koala in the Christmas tree to treasure for years to come!

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