Husband Uses Late Father’s Voice To Reveal Big News To Pregnant Wife

Late Father's Voice Reveals Gender Of Daughter's Baby

Jennifer Jones-Prothro decided to let her baby’s gender be a surprise to her. And she challenged her husband, James, to find the perfect way to break the news to her. And with the help of his wife’s late father’s voice, I’d say James nailed the assignment!

It's always so special to welcome a new baby into the world. It's a moment of joy and happiness that cannot be explained. And no matter how many children you have brought into the world, each one is its own unique experience that we share with our loved ones.

Jennifer Jones-Prothro and her husband James Prothro are about to welcome their 9th child into the world. Sadly, though, Jennifer's father passed away last year after a long battle with cancer.

For her other pregnancies, Jennifer's dad always wanted the gender to be a surprise for him. So, since he wouldn't be there in person for the 9th baby, Jennifer decided to let the gender be a surprise for her this time.

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But after being pregnant for 6 months, Jennifer's friends wanted to throw a baby shower and she decided that she did want to know the gender after all. So she challenged her husband to reveal whether it was a boy or girl in a unique way, one that she had never seen before.

James produces music and has his own home studio. So, he came up with the most beautiful idea for his sweet wife. They had saved voicemail messages from Jennifer’s late father and he mixed the words so that Jennifer's dad could reveal the gender.

Just watch as she sits down on the sofa and holds a speaker in her hand. When she realizes what is actually happening, there was no stopping the tears from flowing. Who else wiping away tears?

WATCH: Late Father’s Voice Used For Gender Reveal

My wife told me that if I revealed the sex of our baby it had to be creative. I could think of no better way than to hear it from her Dad! Rip Mr J and thanks for your help!!!!

Posted by James Prothro II on Wednesday, August 22, 2018


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