Bride Breaks Down Hearing Late Grandpa’s Voice During Wedding

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When Brittany started planning her wedding, she always imagined her dear ‘Pawpaw’, Rev. Ronald Adkins, would be the one to officiate. But then he passed away. However, on her big day, Brittany got an incredible surprise. In the middle of the ceremony, the bride heard her late grandpa’s voice come across the speakers. And the sweet moment had everyone in tears!

Brittany grew up next door to her grandparents, and was always very close to them. She loved going over to their house, and even as she grew bigger, the feeling never changed. She called her special bond with her Pawpaw “such a blessing.”

“He was always there when I needed him and never hesitated to tell me when I was wrong or what to do to make something better. He was always my go-to and one of my biggest supporters, and I was always his helper," she said.

So when Brittany’s beloved Pawpaw passed away in April of 2016, it seemed as if her dreams of him officiating her wedding were over. But little did she know, her sweet husband-to-be, Jordon Yost, had some tricks up his sleeve!

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Late Grandpa’s Voice Surprise

The lovely ceremony took place at the Crab Orchard, in West Virginia. And when the preacher asked everyone to bow their heads in prayer, Brittany’s late grandpa’s voice came across the loud speaker. He prayed over the couple, pronouncing them man and wife before inviting the groom to kiss the bride.

The incredible moment came as a complete surprise to Brittany and most of the guests. And what a beautiful moment it was!

"I immediately recognized his voice and started sobbing," the bride recalled. "Different emotions were racing through my head while trying to soak in hearing my grandpa's voice. I was weak to my knees, chilled, but despite all the tears, I was smiling inside."

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Jordon worked with Brittany’y mom and sister to get a copy of her late grandpa’s voice. The audio recording came from Brittany’s sister’s wedding, where Rev. Ronald Adkins had officiated.

And the carefully crafted surprise couldn’t have gone over any better!

A Heartfelt Moment For All

"My sister, brother and husband worked together along with a few others to make this happen," Brittany said. "Besides the bridal party and those involved, no one knew. Our guests, including myself, were weeping and the emotions and love that flowed through our ceremony was truly touching."

Photographer Sarah Irvin was on hand and did a beautiful job capturing the powerful emotions felt by everyone witnessing the lovely surprise. She, too, was touched by the special moment.

"I've photographed a lot of weddings and this was the most incredible moment I've ever had the honor to witness," she wrote on her Facebook page.

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What a beautiful way to honor a lost loved one on such a big day. Be sure to share your own special wedding tributes with us in the Facebook comments!

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