This Little Girl Received a Miracle and It Was All Caught on Video

This little girl was in for a miraculous surprise and it was all caught on video. She was at the doctor's office with her mommy for a special visit and she is not going to leave the same way she came. A procedure had been done to correct her eyesight, so they were there to have her bandages removed and test her sight.

She holds on tightly to her stuffed animal when it was time for the doctor to remove the tape from her eyes. The poor little girl is so scared and uncomfortable. She cries as the doctor tugs the tape from her cheeks.

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Her mom is also anxious because life as they know it is about to change. She holds her baby girl in efforts to comfort her while the doctor continues to uncover her eyes.

The doctor tries to sing to her to calm her down. Finally, the tape is all off! While she composes herself, she sits still for a second then opens her eyes a little. Once her eyes adjusted to the light she looks around, and realizes she can do something she has never done before- she can see.

She scans the room and looks at her mom while using her beautiful eyes to see for the first time. Her mom begins to cry because of the miracle that just took place! Now her beautiful little girl can see the entire world!

WATCH: Little Girl Recieve A Miracle

Credit: Facebook/NTD Life

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