Put A Lonely Grandma With A Love-Starved Dog And You Get Pure Joy

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Lonely Grandma Adopted A Senior Chihuahua

After losing her beloved dog, 73-year-old Jerri decided she was done with pets. It was too much heartache saying goodbye. The trouble, though, was that Jerri missed the companionship terribly. And when the lonely grandma adopted a senior Chihuahua in desperate need of a loving home, the internet went crazy for the pictures!

Jerri was heartbroken when Bandi, her 11-year-old Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix passed away. In fact, the painful farewell convinced Jerri she was done with owning pets altogether.

“I swore that I wouldn’t have another dog,” she recalled. “I just can’t go through that.'”

She thought she was better off. But her family knew Jerri was wrong.

“Nana, you look so sad. I think you need another puppy,” her granddaughter, Breanna, would say.

So, Breanna took it upon herself to start looking for a new best friend for her grandma. That’s when she came across Minnie. The Humane Society of Western Montana was trying to find the right match for the 12-year-old teacup Chihuahua.

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Meant To Be

After meeting Minnie, Breanna just knew she was the one. So, she took her grandma to meet the love-starved pup. And talk about a match made in Heaven!

Everyone agreed it was a magical moment. The Humane Society of Western Montana shared the touching photos on their Facebook page with the following caption:

“Life is beautiful, and we’re grateful to these two wonderful ladies for reminding us of that. Congratulations, Minnie, on finding your human soul mate.”

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In no time at all, the precious photos went viral. Even though the lonely grandma adopted a senior Chihuahua, Jerri is quick to point out that it’s actually Minnie who rescued her.

“She brings back that presence in my home I didn’t recognize was gone,” Jerri said about Minnie. “Now the house doesn’t feel as empty. I haven’t had anyone to talk to. It was a void and she has filled that.”

The pair has found joy in one another. They get along wonderfully, and Minnie has made herself right at home.

“She's just skipping around,” Jerri said. “And she's claimed the couch. It used to be mine, but it's hers now.”

What a beautiful gift fur-babies are in our lives. We’re so glad God brought these two together!

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Jerri was heartbroken when her dog passed. Then, the lonely grandma adopted a senior Chihuahua. And the touching pics show it was a match made in Heaven.

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