Few Realize She’s Who Actually Sang ‘Never Enough’ But Now She’s A Golden Buzzer Winner

loren allred singer who actually sang never enough

Loren Allred, the singer who actually sang ‘Never Enough’ from the movie The Greatest Showman, surprised the judges by auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent. In the film, actress Rebecca Ferguson played the character Jenny Lind and lip-synched to the popular song. So, for years singer Loren Allred has lived in the shadows. But now, she’s ready to step into the spotlight!

Simon asks Loren Allred why she has chosen to come to Britain's Got Talent if she is from Brooklyn, New York. She says, "Most of my favorite singers are from the UK, so I thought I would come pay a visit to you guys." The crowd cheers.

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When Simon asks her to share a little bit about herself, she says that she thinks a lot of them know her voice but not her face. She sang the song "Never Enough" from the Greatest Showman. The judges and audience are in total shock.

After all of this time singing behind the scenes, Loren Allred is singing "Never Enough" live.

Loren Allred, Singer Of ‘Never Enough”, Steps Into Spotlight

As she begins, you can tell this is a nerve-wracking moment for her. But as the song goes on she completely blossoms and blows everyone away.

As a singer, Loren Allred’s voice is incredible, it is rich, unique, and powerful. She has such a beautiful presence on stage. She hits unexpected notes that will shock you. When she finishes everyone stands and cheers and she gets the golden buzzer.

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The judges share that they are shaking with excitement, it feels to them like a superstar has arrived, and that it was one of the most incredible auditions they have ever experienced.

This underdog story reminds us that our potential with God is endless. He has gifted us and created us for His glory and He is the one who gives us our "big breaks." Whenever a door is opened before us, we can remember to always point to the Lord for His name's sake. Our lives have such amazing purposes because of our Savior.

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"Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

WATCH: Loren Allred, Singer Who Actually Sang ‘Never Enough’, Wins Golden Buzzer

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