Pitiful Cat Looks Nothing Like She Did Before After Love Transforms Her

love transforms meimei the ca

Watch as love transforms this sick, stray cat into an unrecognizable frisky feline! Finding stray cats is a pretty normal thing almost everywhere, but not everyone would take a stray into their home. Nur Hamizah Had found this scary-looking creature with infections and no hair in her backyard in Malaysia and just couldn't leave her to suffer on her own.

Nur said, "She was so pitiful to look at. Her skin was infected and wounded and she smelled very bad." Despite this, Nur spent the time getting the poor thing to trust her and eventually took her inside.

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You can see that Meimei barely had any fur and had open wounds/infections all over. Truly an awful sight to see. Luckily, Meimei's fate was about to take a turn for the best.

Love Transforms Pitiful Stray Cat

At the vet, Meimei weighed only FOUR pounds. Can you imagine how malnourished she must've been?! Poor baby!

She had infections and even fungus in different spots on her bare body. Even though it'd definitely be a long journey, Nur took the kitty in to nurse her back to health. She said that it took about half a year for her fur to grow back in. But love transforms this poor kitty. Look at that gorgeous snowball!

Meimei quickly started gaining some weight back. She ate normal cat kibble about five times a day and napped after every feast. Poor girl was probably ravenous each time from months of starvation!

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I can't imagine the energy it took for her to get through it. Since she lived on the streets, Meimei was probably used to eating as quickly as possible. Finding a sufficient amount of food most likely rarely happened. She had to gobble up what she could find!

Through the video, you can see Meimei getting much more comfortable in her new home and how love transforms her. She clearly trusted her new mom and was happy to start her new life - no matter how much she wanted to go outside to adventure.

After a year in her loving home, Meimei is a happy and healthy fuzz ball as if she had never been neglected.

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Animals have such a beautiful unconditional love for their humans and are too pure for the world!

WATCH: See How Love Transforms Meimei The Cat

He that has pity on the poor lends to the LORD; and that which he has given will he pay him again. Proverbs 19:17

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