After 3 Boys And 1 Tragic Loss, God Blesses For King & Country’s Luke Smallbone With Baby Girl

luke smallbone

Luke Smallbone, who is half of the For King & Country duo, celebrated the birth of his first daughter with his wife earlier this month on January 8th.

He shared the joyous occasion on his personal Instagram page. "Today is a very special day in our household…. as we just welcomed our first little girl into our family!! Courtney and I have always longed to have a girl join our family, but after 3 terrific boys we weren't sure if that would ever take place."

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Luke then goes on to talk about how he and his wife, Courtney, lost a baby before bringing this daughter into the world. "A few years back we lost a little baby, so this girl (I'm now holding) redeems so much in our hearts. A dream of our darling girl was dreamt many years ago and today, we thank the Lord for the gift of our daughter."

Luke and Courtney named their baby daughter Evie Joy Smallbone. And Courtney shared on her Instagram page that the name means "to breathe, breath, living, life."

Luke Smallbone And Wife Blessed With Baby Girl After Tragic Loss

"She made her presence known & was swift to come, yet such a peaceful & glorious delivery. She has been so longed & hoped for," Courtney wrote on Instagram. "After miscarrying & after waiting – her presence has been life & joy."

Then the mother shared Psalms 126:6. "Those who go out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with them."

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What a redemptive story, and we pray God's blessings over this new child and family!

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