Baker Misread Customer’s Text About Making an Elmo Cake & the Result Has Everyone Cracking Up

baker created emo cake instead of an elmo one

Reading is fundamental as a baker found out in one of the most hilarious ways.

Most people, between family and work obligations, are squeezed for time. That's why working as swiftly and efficiently as possible is a goal for every business. Time, as the saying goes, really is money.

However, one woman – Brianna Romero, a baker in Texas – shows why slowing down just a tad can make all the difference in the world. Brianna recently received a rushed order for a birthday cake, according to Today.

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The text exchange, which Brianna posted in a video on TikTok, reveals that the customer asked for a cake for the next day. Brianna states that normally she asks for at least four days' notice before completing and delivering an order. But she mentioned she was "free today” and agreed to make the customer's birthday cake.

Brianna, believing that the customer had ordered an "emo" cake, got to work completing the order, according to People. Brianna reached back out to the customer about an hour before the cake was supposed to be delivered.

This is how Brianna realized she had made a horrible, but hilarious mistake.

She asked the customer how many candles she wanted on the cake.

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In the video, Brianna states that's when she learned the cake was for the woman's "granddaughter" who is "turning four." This response gave Brianna pause.

The Customer Asked For An “Elmo” Cake, Not An “Emo” Cake

"I thought that was a little bit weird," she said. "Because I don't know an emo four-year-old." She momentarily thought maybe the child was into the new Netflix series, "Wednesday" or something. But still, "something felt wrong," she said in the video.

Brianna reached back out to the customer and asked about the party's theme. "Sesame Street" was the answer. They were throwing a party centered around the popular puppets.

That's when Brianna went back and read through the text exchange. The customer ordered an"Elmo" cake, not an "emo" cake. Brianna was guilty of something we've all done. She had misread.

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Brianna ran to the store and asked for an Elmo cake topper. She delivered the cake, telling the woman that "something came across me and it's going to be free today."

People are not perfect. Mistakes, even hilarious ones, do happen!

Proverbs 28:13 "He who conceals his sins doesn't prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them find mercy."

WATCH: Woman Makes “Emo” Cake Instead of “Elmo” Cake


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