She Thought They Were Having Family Portraits Taken. ‘Til He Got Down On One Knee And Did THIS­­ Whoa!

Family Portrait Session Ended With BEST Surprise!

It was rare for Nate and his family to be in town all at the same time, so they had to make sure that they had memories of it. And what do you do when you want to remember something forever? You take photos.

So Nate’s sister planned family portraits, just like they did when they were growing up. The photo session was booked, and while they waited for the day to arrive, Nate decided that he wanted to make Missy, his girlfriend, his Mrs. He was going to propose during the photo shoot. Missy was clueless.

The morning of, the family met at Disney's Boardwalk in Orlando, all of them wore coordinating outfits. Missy looked adorable in her green dress.

The family was so excited to be together again. The anticipation was building for the right moment. We are surprised that Dave (who is rather dapper in the navy shirt) looked “collected” in the photos. I wonder if his palms were sweating?

The photographer took pictures of the family and then of all the couples. Mom and Dad were first.

While, Nate and Missy were last.

FINALLY…The moment that I couldn't wait to show you!

Nate and Missy were posing when Dave got down on one knee. Maybe she thought he was trying a different pose. This is my kind of pro"POSE"al! 🙂


Missy was completely shocked…just blown away!

Once she realized that this wasn't a dream and that this was actually happening, she was jumping for joy. It's safe to say that she said “YES!”

Now…let's get a close-­up of that ring. NICE!

What a beautiful moment!

By the look of these pictures, I would say that the family really loves this young lady and happy to have her join the family!

This family was completely overwhelmed by the joy of the Lord.

Congratulations Nate and Missy (and family)!

You guys made our day with all of your love! Blessings!

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