Man Records The Strange Sound Coming From The Forest

There are so many wonderful and unexpected things in this world. As we learn more and more about this world of ours God's wonder gets uncovered time and time again.

One of the places where I see God the most is deep in the forest surrounded by his majesty. The forest can hold many sights and sounds that we are not used to. And that’s exactly what this man discovered one morning in Moricetown, British Columbia.


He was in his house when he heard a strange noise. He looked outside expecting to see something just outside of his window. But he was stunned when he saw nothing. As he stood there and the noise came back over and over it became more clear that the noise was coming from the woods. Just listen to the eerie sounds that he records coming from the forest. It almost sounds like howling mixed with some kind of scream.


I’m so curious as to what type of animal is making those loud and strange noises in the forest that can be heard from so far away. I think it sounds a little bit like moose. God truly put so much thought and work into creating our world and all of the creatures that go into it. Each animal was made in His image and it’s absolutely incredible to hear and appreciate His handiwork. Have you ever heard any animal sounds like this before? What do you think it could be? Have you ever heard anything like this coming from the woods?

WATCH: Strange Sound Comes From Forest

Credit: Shelleymarie0928

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