Mass Anthem Song ‘Losing You’ Channels The Heartbreak Of Watching A Loved One Slip Away

Mass Anthem 'Losing You'

Mass Anthem is a talented Christian trio performing their touching song called ‘Losing You.’ And for anyone who knows the pain of slowly losing a loved one, this song will really hit home.

Diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia are so heartbreaking. These terrible conditions rob people of their memories.

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Our memories are what make up who we truly are. And it is devastating to have those slip away. It can be even harder to watch a loved one battle this horrible disease.

‘Losing You’, a song by Mass Anthem, is the perfect expression of this difficult time.

"No one can prepare you

for a moment like this.

These things don't come easy

Very few of them make sense.

How do I live when I know I'm going to lose you?

But I haven't lost you yet.

I haven't lost you yet."


Personal Experience Inspires Heartbreaking Song

Mass Anthem is a Christian band comprised of brothers Chad and Tyler Sowards, and also Joey Atansio. Chad and Tyler wrote ‘Losing You' in response to their beloved grandfather's dementia. It was a tough time for the whole family.

Their sister, Kelsey wrote about the awful disease on Facebook saying, "It has stolen every bit of what made him who he was to us all his life. Even though he can't remember, recognize or talk to us anymore, we remember you Grampie. We remember everything that you were to us..."

"How am I supposed to move on

When you're still around

Yeah we're close to the end

But don't know when this will end."

It is so hard to watch our loved ones slip away. But it is especially hard watching from the outside and feeling helpless the entire time.

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Hopefully, these touching words will provide comfort to anyone walking this difficult path.

WATCH: Mass Anthem Performs ‘Losing You’

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