Michael Bublé Has A New Song About A Parent’s Love Called ‘Forever Now’ And It Goes Viral

Michael Bublé Forever Now

When you listen to the beautiful words of ‘Forever Now' from Michael Bublé’s new song, your heart will overflow while thinking about the love that you have for your children.

As many parents send their kids back to school, we remember to hug our babies just a little tighter. These sweet lyrics from Michael's crooner voice remind us of the truly important moments in life.

"I tuck you in at night
Another day has passed
Every week goes by a little faster than the last
It wasn’t so long ago
We walked together and you held my hand
And now you’re getting too big to want to
But I hope you’ll always understand"

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In 2016, Michael and his wife, Luisana, found out that their oldest son Noah had been diagnosed with liver cancer. They broke the news on Facebook and Michael put his career on hold so that they could start treatment right away.

New Sentimental Song About A Parent’s Love For Their Children

Miraculously, Noah pulled through and is now cancer-free. After that time, Michael resumed making music and one of his newest songs, ‘Forever Now' is all about the love we have for our children.

When speaking about the powerful tune, Michael said, "It's too much fun, I laugh all the time, it's the best thing that ever happened. I've never written a more succinct song talking about what many of us feel we're brought to this earth to do. It was about time and sentimentality."

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"That I’m always gonna lift you up
And I’m never gonna let you down
No matter what you do
I’m forever proud of you
I’ll love you forever now"

Who else is wiping away a tear right now?

WATCH: Michael Bublé – Forever Now Music Video

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