He Couldn’t Sleep Nights After What Happened. Here’s 1 Simple Thing We Can Do To Help Our Military Men!

Our military needs us.

First, I want to thank all of the husbands and wives, moms and dads, sons and daughters that serve our country in the military. We thank you for your service, time and courage. We know it’s not easy to be away from your loved ones and your service does not go unnoticed.

Second, we know many of you return home unable to get a good nights sleep due to PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) – triggered by surviving a terrifying life event. Here is one woman’s thoughts on how she comforts her husband through his PTSD – and how others have joined the conversation.

This woman, whose husband served in Afghanistan, shares her personal perspective on how PTSD affects she and her husband. Sometimes even the slightest touch in the middle of the night can re-assure your loved one that they are not alone.

She writes:

"Last night while asleep in our bed my husband let out a startled moan. I then felt his hand patting the comforter – searching for me. It came to rest once it found my side.

I realized I LOVE that!

Despite the fact he is a 28-year-old, dirty-hand working, beer-drinking, beard-growing man and
Despite the fact he sleeps with a baseball bat beside him because he knows it makes me feel safe and
Despite the fact he served 5 years in the army which included one tour to Afghanistan…

I'M the one that protects him from bad dreams."

After this woman shared her thoughts, many other chimed in:

Another woman wrote:

"My husband does the same thing and in that small moment is when my heart swells.

I love him more than words can convey and even when he is at his weakest I am his chief confidant and his keeper of secrets."

Even our rough and tough husbands have offered their thoughts and appreciation:

"As someone who battles with PTSD, I have complete confidence in my wife who helps me face this issue head on. It's not only a battle with my inner self but a battle to be stable and positive role model for my kids and wife.”


"Women rarely understand the level of comfort that they impart to their men, especially the supposed ‘tough' ones... those are the ones that often internalize most and not surprisingly take the greatest support from their wives"

This beautiful story reminds us how important love is. How important the presence and touch from our husbands/wives and children can HEAL and RESTORE.

God’s love is the ultimate healer and offers you peace like nothing else. And we thank you God for putting these men and women in each other’s lives for comfort such as this. AMEN.

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