Miracle Pup Overcame Years of Therapy to Give Therapy to Others

godupdates miracle dog overcomes years of therapy to give therapy to others fb

Miracle is a real-life underdog who really earned her name. After defying unbelievable odds to endure years of therapy, this miracle dog is now providing hope and therapy for others. And it’s clear God gave this pup a special purpose!

godupdates miracle dog overcomes years of therapy to give therapy to others fb

Credit: Angela Major/The Gazette

No on expected Miracle to live long. During birth, the Golden Retriever inhaled birth fluids, leaving her with a nasty lung infection.

"She was in puppy ICU for three weeks," her owner, Kathy, said. "The vet gave her one last antibiotic shot."

With the odds greatly stacked against her, Miracle surprised everyone by pulling through. The incredible feat earned the pup her name.

But this miracle dog’s fight wasn’t over yet!

More Complications For Miracle Dog

Miracle may have beat the infection, but she still walked funny. An x-ray revealed the reason why.

The Golden Retriever didn’t have a proper hip joint. The disability excluded her from becoming a champion show dog like her father. And so, her breeder contacted Kathy and Bill Schendt to see if they’d be willing to take the 3-month-old pup. The dog lovers didn’t hesitate to say yes.

The couple fell in love right away with the spirited miracle dog. And they were committed to doing anything they could to help with her hip problem.

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Bill and Kathy took Miracle religiously to physical therapy at a nearby doggy pool.

"We needed to build her hip muscles," said Nancy Long of Dunkin’ Dawgs, where Miracle received her therapy. "She did lots of swimming. We also did massage and range of motion exercises in the pool."

Miracle’s devoted humans also regularly took her on brief walks.

Miracle was the ideal patient and worked diligently with her owners. And the perseverance paid off.

These days, you’d never know the 55-pound miracle dog ever had a disability.

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Credit: Angela Major/The Gazette

"Muscle has taken over her left side," Kathy said. "She runs. She jumps. She’s a miracle."

And God is using this amazing pup to help others.

A Miracle For Others

In addition to her therapy, Miracle also received obedience training over the years. Her sweet disposition made her an ideal candidate for therapy-dog training. But passing the course is no easy task.

"I would say that one out of 100 can be a therapy dog," said Scott Lindner of Das Hund Haus, where Miracle received her therapy training.

Miracle’s testing included a range of environments. She visited a detention center, a school and a nursing home.

"Miracle did absolutely fabulous," Scott said. "People gravitate to her because of her demeanor and how she looks. When they hear her story, they relate to it because somewhere in their lives they had problems, too."

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Miracle comes alive in high energy environments. But in quieter setting, she quickly switches to a calm demeanor. In the Alzheimer’s unit of the nursing home, Miracle walked up to a woman, gently resting her head in the patient’s lap. She has a special gift for being a different dog in different situations.

And now that her training is complete, Kathy and Bill are thrilled to share Miracle’s special purpose with others.

"Miracle needed so much therapy when she was little," Kathy said. "Now she gives therapy to others. She’s a people magnet, and she’s giving back."

We often talk about God’s special calling for people. But He can use anyone and anything. And clearly our Lord has big plans for this miracle dog!

h/t: The Gazette

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