Missing Cat Returns Home After 3 Days With Note On His Collar Revealing He’s ‘In Debt’

missing cat returns home in debt

After 3 days, a missing cat returns home to his owners with a note around his collar. And it reveals the chubby kitty has a debt to repay!

A kitty cat in Thailand has got the Internet cracking up with his funny short story after wandering off for a couple of days.

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At first, the cat’s owners probably figured their chubby tabby be back home soon. Yet, as several days passed, I’m sure they grew more and more concerned.

Then, the missing cat returns home with a cardboard note tied around his neck. And the letter not only put an end to the owners’ worry, but it also gave them a good chuckle!

Missing Cat Returns With Note

When their sweet cat showed back up, a wave of relief surely hit his owners. But the note tied around his neck probably had them shaking their heads!

The note was from a woman selling fish in the street who called herself "Aunty May at alley no. 2". And the handwritten letter read:

"Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall, so I gave him three."

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The tabby’s owners were tickled their missing cat returned home with a story. And they shared the funny tale online.

"Gone for three days and returned with debt. #catslaves," they wrote on Facebook.

Folks on the Internet got a big kick out of the cat’s secret vacation at the fish market.

“So funny & cute. Hope it’s not that much of a debt,” commented one person.

“Hilarious,” wrote another. “Glad your cat came home safely.”

“Really cute cat. I can see how he gets fish!” one woman pointed out.

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We’re so glad the missing cat returned home safely. And it shows how our pets can be just as much of a blessing to others as they are to us!

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h/t: The Indian Express

Featured Image: Facebook