Mom Brags About Her Son in Grocery Store Parking Lot But Friend Isn’t Discouraged

This video shares a story about two friends who are reunited after being apart for many years. While the story may be fictional, it’s easy to see ourselves in it. The two friends catch up with a typical conversation that you might have when running into a friend at the store. Then, the one mom brags about her son and his success. Perhaps, it’s just a proud mom moment? But what happens after they walk away reveals the truth about a very important life lesson we should all remember!

How many times have we seen glimpses into our friends’ lives that left us feeling a little ‘less than?’ Their vacation photos on Facebook looked amazing! They got a new home or a promotion at their job, and we’re happy for them, we start to wonder what we’re doing wrong. As the saying goes, ‘Comparison is the thief of joy.’

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And while we may realize that our true worth is in Jesus Christ, it can still be discouraging to wonder when our time for good fortune will come! In the Bible, there have been many people who questioned God’s timing while they struggle with their patience.

In this video produced by Jay Shetty, two old friends run into each other in a parking lot and begin to catch up. Their sons had gone to high school together, so the conversation shifts quickly to how their sons are doing. The one ‘successful’ mom shared that her son had gone to college and she almost seems to pity the other mom who keeps insisting her son is doing well.

The two leave each other to return home, and that’s when we learn is really going on. It’s easy to think others’ have it better or easier than you do. But we really only know what people want us to see! You truly never know what other people may be going through.

Enjoy this little video with a twist and let us know what you think on our Facebook page. Do some people focus too focused on their kids’ success these days? Do you know people who feel very important or like failures based solely on how their kids are doing? What do you think?

WATCH: Mom Brags About Son to Old Friend in Inspirational Video

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h/t: Facebook/Jay Shetty