4 Months After Giving Birth In A Coma, She Finally Met Her Baby

A Mother’s Love


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When 26-year-old mom-to-be, Louise, started having headaches, it just seemed like a typical pregnancy complaint. But at 37 weeks into the otherwise normal and healthy pregnancy, she started experiencing tingling in her right arm and leg. Doctors figured it was just symptoms of a trapped nerve. But when one side of Louise’s face began to droop and she struggled to control her body, her mom, Maggie, instantly knew it was something far more serious.

Maggie immediately rushed her pregnant daughter to the hospital. By the time they arrived, Maggie could see blood coming from Louise’s ears and eyes. By then, doctors knew it was serious too, and they rushed to get Louise to a hospital with the proper equipment to treat her.

"They told us she had to be seen to in 45 minutes, or she could die. I was terrified, not only for my daughter's life, but for my grandchild's too," said Maggie.

Louise drifted in and out of consciousness while the doctors and nurses prepared her for an emergency c-section. Sweet, little Chloe was born, happy and healthy!


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But while her grandmother, Maggie, visited her in the maternity ward, the newborn’s mom was rushed into brain surgery.

“It was a nerve-racking time and I sat with Chloe praying Louise would survive to meet her,” says Maggie.

But God is good! Louise survived the delicate surgery, but lay in her hospital bed in a coma. Doctors said she would come out of it “when she was ready.”

Maggie, being the caring and loving mom to Louise, knew just how important it was for mother and daughter to bond. And so, she gently laid little Chloe on Louise’s chest and whispered, “This is your mummy.”

Maggie took full responsibility for little Chloe while Louis was in the hospital. The dedicated grandma brought Chloe to see her mom each day, laying her on her chest like she did the first time, until they got their first glimmer of hope.

“One day, I placed Chloe next to Louise like I always did, and she licked her mother's cheek,” Maggie said. “Suddenly, Louise's eyes began to flutter. I couldn't believe it. Chloe had brought her mum out of a coma.”


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Sadly, when Louise awoke, she had no idea who anyone was and thought she was still pregnant. Maggie explained that Chloe was her daughter, but said Louise would just shake her head and look confused. Several days later, things got bad again.

The scar from the C-section developed a severe infection, and once again Louise was thrown into a coma. Again, doctors warned that her life was in serious jeopardy. But God was not done with this young woman!

By God’s grace, Louise was able to pull through the infection and the coma. Her dedicated mom stayed by her side, along with little Chloe.

It took four months, but Maggie’s persistence paid off. Louise was finally able to recognize Chloe as her daughter.

“It finally clicked and she wanted to hold her,” Maggie said. “It was so emotional to watch.”


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And it’s that emotional connection — the love between mother and daughter — that resonates throughout this miraculous story. After 7 months in the hospital, Louise was finally able to go home. But her road to recovery was far from over.


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At home, Maggie says, “I began talking to Louise, reminding her who I was and what had happened. I also helped wash and change her, as well as changing Chloe's nappies and bottle-feeding her.”

Maggie has cared for and supported Louise through years of therapy and treatment so that Louise could relearn how to walk and talk. Six years later, Louise has made lots of progress, but is still healing. She still has seizures, and is in the process of learning to read and write again. But she’s doing so along with her 6-year-old daughter, with whom she has a special relationship that wouldn’t be possible without the love and dedication from her own mother.

“It was such a scary time but I'm overjoyed that they are both here today. My girls really do mean the world to me,” Maggie says.


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Praise God for the miracle of life he gave to both Chloe and to her mom, Louise. We know He has special blessings for Maggie for all of the sacrifices she has humbly endured for the sake of her child and grandchild. Such love is always inspiring to see, especially since it reflects only a fraction of the love our Heavenly Father has for us!

“Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God” 1 John 3:1


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