Mom Left ‘Angry’ And ‘Heartbroken’ After 6-Year-Old Son Contracts Brain-Eating Amoeba

brain-eating amoeba

A mom was left completely angry and heartbroken after her 6-year-old son contracted a brain-eating amoeba.

Tens of thousands of residents in Texas were warned to stop using the water supply after a young boy died after playing in his yard under the sprinkler. Young Josiah McIntyre died in early September after doctors discovered that he had Naegleria Fowleri, which is a rare brain-eating amoeba that is found mostly in freshwater rivers, lakes, and hot springs.

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Tests revealed that the water was positive for the deadly amoeba, and residents were told not to use the tap water without boiling it for anything except to flush the toilets. This warning was in effect for eight cities while they worked on treating the tap water.

“The notification to us at that time was that he has played at one of the play fountains and he may have also played with a water hose at the home,” Lake Jackson City Manager, Modesto Mundo said.

Little Boy Contracts Brain-Eating Amoeba From Playing In A Fountain

Josiah's mother, Maria Castillo, said she is "angry, upset, and heartbroken," but she still thanked the doctors for the excellent care he received, “Texas Children’s did do everything that they could. No one left my son’s side. There was always a nurse or a doctor at the side of my son’s bed. Any fear that I had was able to be answered.”

"He was an active little boy," shared the mom. "He was a really good big brother, he just loved and cared for a lot of people," Maria shared.

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While the knowledge of what killed her son won't bring him back, she says she takes comfort from it. “It really means a lot to me because we want to know as a family for peace of mind. I know it doesn’t bring him back. The fact that we know how he got it, how he contracted it, gives us peace of mind.”

WATCH: Mom Left ‘Angry' and ‘Heartbroken' After 6-Year-Old Son Contracts Brain-Eating Amoeba

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